Oh, dear. This means that now I have to go see Chronicles of Riddick.

JoBlo: Is it true you're really into Dungeons and Dragons?

Vin Diesel: No. I never play D&D. For some reason, they thought that I played D&D for 20 years. They thought that I spent years playing Barbarians, Witch Hunters, Unearthed Arcana. They thought I still played D&D back in the '70s when it's just the basic D&D set. They thought I continued to play D&D when it became Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. They thought I played D&D when there was only three books — the Player's Handbook, the Monster Manual and the DM's Guide. They thought I played D&D as it continued onto the Unearthed Arcana, Oriental Adventures, Sea Adventures, Wilderness Adventures. They thought I played D&D at the time when Deities and Demigods was the brand new book. They thought I played D&D when I used to get up to a place called The Complete Strategist in New York. (Vin mouths: "I'm into D&D a lot.")

JoBlo: These are all fabrications?

Vin Diesel: Yeah, I don't know where they got that from.

Interview via 50 Cups of Coffee.


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