God Gets a Call

Seen over in Making Light:

God (on phone with Pat Robertson): Wha-? Dude, stop phoning me....Yes, yes I know it's you, I have Prayer ID...Yes, I did get your last 53 messages, I just ignored them...No, I'm not going to send a hurricane to destroy Pennsylvania...What? What the hell have you been saying about me?...Hell no! I know Jesus, okay, I KNOW my own Son, MeDammit! I don't care what you think you heard...wait, let me get him. JE-SUS! Did you tell Pat Robertson you were sick with the abortions and gays in New Orleans?... No, Pat, he says you're taking him out of context...Yes, Pat, I love you, but that doesn't mean I don't love everybody else...yes, even Bush, although he should get his act together...Intelligent design? Intelligent design? Let me get this through to you, I'm Intelligent, and I Designed - evolution! Dude...you're not even listening...where did you even get this number? Okay, stop calling me, Pat...I mean it, stop calling.

I'm screening my Prayers now...yes I am, I'm screening them - you even hint of "smiting" or "Godly wrath" in any of them, I'll ignore it...that's right...play nice Pat...yes, I'll say hi to your mom for you...okay...okay...bye now.



Blogger Dr. Charles said...

too funny! i think argentina would like this one too :)

12:13 am  

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