The Twenty Worst Agents

The list of the worst twenty agents. Because, you know, a list of the twenty worst literary agents in america is something everyone should have. And one should certainly link to the 20 worst agents list, too. A lot.

From Bill Higgins at Making Light.

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The Military-Industrial-Entertainment Complex

Let's remember that the global security-industrial complex focussed on anti-terrorism turns over roughly US $90Bn per year, and it's grown to that scale in only six and a half years. This is effectively an industry that depends on a single class of customer -- governments -- and so it focusses its marketing tightly on persuading them to buy more produce. It is also an industry that depends on a negative. If no terrorist incidents occur, then it can point to the absence and claim a victory. If terrorist incidents do occur, then obviously the government didn't buy enough Security™ and needs to cough up more money. Value for money is thus not demonstrated by achieving anything measurable, but by conducting ostentatious displays of Security-Mindedness, as exemplified by all the uniformed flunkies making work for each other (and the flying public) at airports.

More from Charlie Stross here at Making Light.

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